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Waukon Farm hosts Field Day Featuring Specialized Farm Equipment.

Specialized farm equipment will be showcased at a field day and open house hosted by Kymar Acres and Windridge Implements on June 8. The equipment includes various seeders, tiller and transplanters designed for small to medium-sized vegetable farms.

Kymar Acres ( is a diversified farm owned by Kyle and Mari Holthaus and located between Waukon and Decorah. They raise 5 acres of vegetables, herbs and flowers for sale to farmers markets and wholesale accounts. Visitors will also be able to tour a greenhouse and farmstand where their farm products are sold.

A variety of equipment will be featured including BCS two wheel tractors, Jang seeders from South Korea, seed bed tillers, a Falc bed builder from France, Checchi & Maggli transplanters for vegetable sets and plasticulture layers in red, silver and deep green plastic. It is planting season and visitors can inspect some of the recent plantings and watch new crops go into the ground.

The equipment will be provided by Windridge Implement, LLC ( Windridge started carrying lines of specialized equipment in response to increased vegetable production in the region. Equipment is available for purchase or lease.

Source: extension.iastate

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