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Western Bean Cutworm Update

Western Bean Cutworm Update

By Amy Raudenbush and Suranga Basnagala

Statewide western bean cutworm (WBC) numbers declined for the week-ending August 1 resulting in an overall average of 10.2 moths per trap. Ten counties remained above scouting threshold and include Ashtabula, Defiance, Fulton, Geauga, Huron, Lake, Lorain, Paulding and Trumbull. For more information on WBC monitoring and scouting please visit the agronomic pest website:

Average Western bean cutworm adult per trap

Figure 1. Average Western bean cutworm adult per trap (in white) followed by total number of traps monitored in each county (in blue) for week ending August 1, 2021. Map developed by Suranga Basnagala, Ohio State University, using ArcGIS Pro.

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