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Wisium Premixes and Services Now Available in Eastern Canada

CHICAGO — ADM (NYSE: ADM), a global leader in animal nutrition, today announced the launch of its Wisium premix and nutrition services brand into eastern Canada. The Wisium portfolio offers producers access to innovative value-added nutrition programs for all livestock species.
“The Wisium offer expansion is an important next step as we create a global network of customizable nutrition solutions to give producers an edge in solving feed production challenges,” said François Fernandez, vice president, Wisium Premix and Services. “Our unrivalled portfolio of premix solutions, combined with ADM’s expertise and service-oriented approach, makes us an ideal partner for producers.”
The livestock market in Canada is growing rapidly and there’s a greater emphasis on nutrition and value-added solutions. ADM’s animal nutrition business is poised to meet demand in Canada and worldwide. With ADM’s 2019 acquisition of Neovia, a global provider of value-added animal nutrition solutions, Wisium joined the ADM animal nutrition portfolio.
Customers in Quebec, Ontario and Maritimes will benefit from Wisium’s innovative offerings and advisory services for production management, product development, quality control and performance.
Wisium offerings now available in Quebec, Ontario and Maritimes include:
  • Transi Up, a program comprised of tailor-made solutions for management of the peri-partum phase in dairy cows.
  • Egg Quality Concept, a nutrition program designed to improve layer performance and egg quality.
  • Feet Up, a comprehensive nutritional approach to optimizing sow performance.
  • PURlite, a litter conditioner with absorbent, hygienic and safe-use properties for all livestock species.
  • Near Infrared Technologies offering quick predictions of nutrient values to ensure quality of raw materials and finished feeds.
In addition, Wisium offers technologies to address today’s production needs and will make additional offerings available in the coming months.
“Wisium delivers global and local expertise, resources and research-driven technologies to create comprehensive programs tailor-made for producer operations in their unique environment,” said Hernando Restrepo, Animal Nutrition regional sales manager. “This expansion into eastern Canada is an exciting opportunity for producers who now have access to innovative nutrition solutions to address milk production, egg quality, and swine and broiler production.”
Source : Wisium

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