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XiteBio Hires Plant Pathology Extension Expert as Sales Agronomist

WINNIPEG, Canada (Oct. 2, 2023): XiteBio is pleased to announce the joining of Dustin Burke as Sales Agronomist - Alberta to their sales team effective as of Oct. 2, 2023.

Dustin will be based out of Lethbridge, AB.

Dustin worked for Alberta Agriculture over 21 years as plant pathology technologist and knows virtually all the counties in Alberta region via his extension responsibilities. He also worked for BASF in their seed processing and seed treatment facility over two years. He was involved with Lakeside Research Ltd. and Canada-Saskatchewan Irrigation Diversification Centre as well.  During his various tenures, he performed research & extension work related to different crops like peas, lentils, canola, wheat, grazing corn, etc.

“Dustin has a unique viewpoint on the Alberta market,” says Dave McAulay, Western Canadian Sales Manager at XiteBio. “This enables him to see the challenges growers have faced with drought & disease, and how our microbial products can help to maintain healthy crops with good ROI.” “Dustin’s science, research & extension background convinced us to make him a member of our team,” says Dr. Manas Banerjee, CEO at XiteBio. “His knowledge of the processes behind what we do at XiteBio combined with years of field experience make him the ideal person to represent XiteBio in the AB market.”

As Sales Agronomist, Dustin will be working to strengthen the presence of XiteBio in the region. His knowledge of the geography and connection to the market will help him to spread awareness about our portfolio of proven inoculants & ag-biologicals. Please join us in wishing Dustin every success in his new role at XiteBio.  Please contact Dustin at 403-501-0657 or for your crop inoculant and ag-biological needs.

XiteBio Technologies Inc. is a privately owned Canadian ag-biotech company. XiteBio’s head office and IRD Centre is located in Winnipeg, Canada. XiteBio researches, develops and markets innovative & value-added inoculants & ag-biological products for today’s and tomorrow’s farmers. XiteBio’s products in North American market includes: SoyRhizo® for soybean, and PulseRhizo® for pea, lentil & faba bean, are premium inoculants powered by AGPT® (Advanced Growth Promoting Technology). XiteBio® Yield+ line of products (namely XiteBio® Yield+, XiteBio® Tuber+, XiteBio® Vegi+) are available for oilseeds, cereals, legumes, tuber & vegetable crops, and feature patented phosphate-solubilizing PGPR technology. The new unique dual inoculant XiteBio® OptiPlus® is also available as in-furrow application for soybeans throughout North America.

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