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Y-TEX Corporation Introduces New Y-Tags™ One-Piece Ear Tagging System

Y-TEX Corporation, one of the leading global suppliers of livestock identification and pest control solutions, today announced the launch of its new Y-Tags One-Piece Ear Tagging System for beef and dairy cattle.  Featuring 100% PureLaser™ permanent imprinting and the unique Surgi-Tip™ self-piercing tip, Y-Tags represent a major advancement in one-piece ear tagging technology.
“Everyone at Y-TEX is extremely excited about this latest addition to our line of visual identification ear tags,” noted Stu Marsh, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Y-TEX.
“Y-Tags are molded from advanced thermo polyurethane (TPU) and acetyl nylon to withstand extremes in heat and cold, as well as ultra-violet light, moisture and mold.    And unlike some tags, Y-Tags are pliable, yet durable, so they hang tough without cracking or breaking.  It’s a difference you can actually see and feel.”
Another feature that sets Y-Tags apart from conventional one-piece tags is the 100% PureLaser™ permanent imprinting.  Y-TEX employs a proprietary process that delivers the deepest, darkest 100% pure laser imprint on the market.  While some other imprints fade over time, the Y-Tags PureLaser™ permanent imprint is guaranteed legible for the life of the animal.
“Livestock producers will also appreciate the new Surgi-Tip™ self-piercing tag tip,” Marsh said.  “Its unique four-sided design delivers a precise incision for less tissue damage, faster healing and improved retention.  Research shows that a clean incision and faster healing are two keys to better ear tag retention.”
Rounding out the Y-Tags system is the new Y-Tags one-piece applicator.  With its wider jaw, flip-out pin and ergonomic design, the Y-Tags applicator works seamlessly with the Surgi-Tip self-piercing tip to make tagging easier than ever.  Studies show that Y-Tags require less force to apply than other one-piece tags, resulting in less producer fatigue during the busy tagging season.
Y-Tags come in cow (large), calf (medium) and feedlot sizes in a wide variety of high-visibility colors.  The cow and calf tags are offered in 25-count and 100-count packages, while the feedlot tags are available in 1,000-count cartons containing 20 packages of 50 tags each.  Like all Y-TEX products, Y-Tags are made with pride in the USA.
“Our new Y-Tags One-Piece Ear Tags System marks an important addition to our growing line of top-quality livestock products,” stated Glenn A. Nielson, President of Y-TEX Corporation.  “For years, Y-TEX has been a leader in the visual identification ear tag industry, and our new Y-Tags serve to solidify our position in the marketplace while answering the need for new and better livestock ID solutions.”