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Non-Family Transition 101

Jul 30, 2021

Video: Non-Family Transition 101

Presented by Darcy Smith and Dana Penrice from Young Agrarians

This presentation was part of Farm Transition Appreciation Day January 12, 2021, celebrating farm transition planning at every stage and helping you and your farm team take the next step in farm transition.

This webinar provides both current and entering farmers with a framework for understanding non-family transition, along with information and considerations about different possible models. Young Agrarians, an education resource network for new farmers, launched a Transition Toolkit for Non-Family Farm Transfer in 2020. In this webinar, you’ll be introduced to concepts and tools from the toolkit to apply to your own alternative farm transition through a six- stage process, from setting your vision, to identifying models and assessing feasibility, to identifying what resources you need. This project grew from the stories we’ve heard from seasoned farmers struggling to see a way to pass their farm on to the next generation.