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TPS Lab presents 2016 Field Reports - White Wheat: Best Crop Ever

May 23, 2017
On the yield: "On our soils, where we started really really low, and then we started using this lab, we have had a constant increase; This year, we went 105 across the entire farm, which we've never done that before... we hit our proteins, test weights, folly numbers, so everything's there, on a year where the average around our community was, the protein was just around 10, which is awful, but we're sitting at 12.5 protein, which, really, makes it sell-able... we were able to sell it. So a lot of guys are sitting wondering what they're going to do... what are you gonna do with low protein? There's so much wheat this year, on the market, what are you going to do with it? We've been able to sell it... we're gonna sell it for a profit."