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Future of Energy is Here – Alberta Energy

Sep 29, 2023

Video: Future of Energy is Here – Alberta Energy

Alberta has unique advantages and great potential. We have a diverse and strategic resource portfolio, with vast energy reserves.

Our province has one of the largest oil reserves in the world, and we are ready to supply nations around the world with our reliable and responsibly produced resources. In 2021, about 62% of the crude oil imported to the United States came from Alberta.

Alberta is the global leader in responsible energy development the world needs. We have the innovation, technology and expertise needed to produce responsible energy. We have the highest human rights, labour and environmental standards. We have Canada’s fastest-growing renewable energy sector. And, on top of all that, we are rapidly developing carbon capture and storage and lowering emissions, with the Pathways Alliance targeting net zero by 2050.

Alberta’s support of research and innovation excellence ensures that innovators can continue to make ground-breaking discoveries, commercialize game-changing emissions-reducing technologies and solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges.

The future of energy is here. It’s Alberta.