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EASYFIX Slurry Technology - Trevor Crowley, Dairy Farmer, Cork

May 12, 2023

Video: EASYFIX Slurry Technology - Trevor Crowley, Dairy Farmer, Cork

The EASYFIX Slurry Technology system has an abundance of benefits that impact almost every aspect of a farm’s eco-system. “The first thing I noticed was just how safe it is. The gases are never allowed build-up in the slurry. You don’t have to go into the shed with dangerous gases in there. Probably the main advantage is that there is a considerable saving on fertilizer because we’re achieving better use of the nutrients. When using the old system you’d notice worms dead on top of the ground after spreading slurry, whereas with this new system we’ve only seen increased worm activity in the soil. So our soil is extremely healthy. “The other thing we noticed was that you could graze the grass within three weeks of spreading the slurry whereas with the old way you’d have to wait nearly six weeks before the cattle could graze it. We’ve been able to maintain the soil’s Ps and Ks at optimum index 3s and 4s, with very little input of chemical fertilizer. It’s a considerable saving on both money and time.” - Trevor Crowley, Dairy Farmer, C