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In Swine Versation: Levers, Boardroom, and Feed Talk with Trey Keller from AMVC

Jan 08, 2024

Video: In Swine Versation: Levers, Boardroom, and Feed Talk with Trey Keller from AMVC

Welcome to an insightful discussion on levers, boardroom dynamics, and feed strategies in the swine industry with Trey Keller, Managing Partner and Swine Nutritionist at AMVC Nutritional Services.

1. Industry Journey and Vision: Trey shares his industry journey, from humble beginnings to becoming the Managing Partner at AMVC. Exploring the evolution of his vision and how it aligns with the present.

2. AMVC's Success and Growth: AMVC's notable #10 ranking among major U.S. pork producers. Insight into AMVC's goals, culture, and potential for future growth.

3. Swine Nutrition Management: Discussing the levers swine nutritionists use to manage the financial aspect for pork producers. Exploration of AMVC's ecosystem for nutrition management and the challenges and successes encountered.

4. Influence in the Boardroom: Unveiling strategies to create influence at both boardroom and slat levels. Highlighting the crucial messages and Trey's vision for effective communication.

5. Sow Feeding Programs: Insights into the creation and implementation of successful sow feeding programs. Trey shares his methodology, lessons learned, and openness to innovation in line with new trends. Debunking myths about feed and the importance of having a checklist.

6. Collaboration for Industry Progress: Exploring the role of collaboration within the pork industry and the need for internal and external support to drive progress.

Join us for a deep dive into the swine industry's dynamics, challenges, and opportunities with Trey Keller.