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JOHN DEERE Tractors Planting Corn

Mar 30, 2023

Video: JOHN DEERE Tractors Planting Corn

Big tractor Power is out in the field with a JOHN DEERE tractors as they start the corn planting season. Watch a 470 hp JOHN DEERE 9470R tractor and 36 row 90ft JOHN DEERE DB90 corn planter seed the new crop. Working ahead of the big planting team is a 620 hp JOHN DEERE 9620R tractor working on primary tillage, fertilizer application and seed bed preparation. Watch for a 125 hp JOHN DEERE 6125R tractor picking racks with a Schulte 320 JUMBO. Viewers will ride in the 9470R tractor's cab to see the farmers view of planting 90ft of corn per pass in a 700 acre field.