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$20 million hatchery coming to Stratford

Facility is scheduled to open in 2018

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

A consortium of Ontario producers are bringing a new chick hatchery to Stratford, Ont., in 2018.

Known as Trillium Hatchery Inc., the 65,000-square-foot facility will be constructed in the Wright Business Park. The hatchery will use a new technology called HatchCare, which provides new chicks with immediate access to water, feed and light.

 According to a City of Stratford press release, “(HatchCare) aims to provide stronger, healthier chicks in an animal-friendly and antibiotic free production.”

Trillium Hatchery Inc. is owned by Dave Brock, a hatching egg farmer from West Perth, Murray Booy, a chicken farmer from Aylmer and member of the Chicken Farmers of Canada executive committee, and Doug Kaizer, CFO of Maritime Chicks Ltd.

The group said putting the facility in Stratford offers them the best of two worlds.

“Trillium Hatchery Inc. is an exciting new venture that will create economic opportunities all across southwestern Ontario,” Booy said in the release. “Stratford is an ideal place to locate our new chicken hatchery because it is a city that is committed to both the agriculture and high tech industries - just like Trillium. The City of Stratford is a great partner.”

In addition, the facility is expected to create about 20 jobs within the community.

“I am very pleased that Trillium Hatchery Inc. has chosen to invest in Stratford,” Mayor Dan Mathieson said in the release. “Their decision to launch their new venture here demonstrates our City’s ability to attract innovation-minded businesses and their presence will further enhance our thriving agri-business landscape.” has reached out to the members of Trillium Hatchery Inc. for information on how the facility can benefit farmers in Ontario.


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