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2023 AgEx Conference - elevating Canadian farm management

The Agricultural Excellence Conference (AgEx) is Canada's premier national forum, devoted to empowering farmers with top-tier business acumen. It uniquely convenes diverse farm management fans, offering a mix of learning environments to suit all preferences. This event celebrates agricultural innovation by providing a varied program that encourages proactive farm management and growth. 

AgEx's dynamic approach to learning caters to hands-on experiences, group dialogue, and engrossing presentations. "Embrace the Opportunity," this year's Conference theme, encapsulates the spirit of addressing farm business challenges in socio-economic and environmental spheres. It emphasizes the adoption of established management practices and strategic foresight. 

Kicking off with a Farm Tour, AgEx transitions with Dave Mitchell's November 22 insights on fostering a high-performance work culture. Conflict resolution within farming families is another highlight, with guidance from Elaine Froese, renowned as Canada's Farm Whisperer. 

Speed networking sessions and the National Farm Business Management Resource Showcase provide a platform for knowledge exchange on cutting-edge management tools.  

The conference is also a venue for unveiling the national Farm Women Study, with a subsequent panel featuring industry stalwarts like Catherine Burns and France De Montigny. They will shed light on the study's findings and discuss programs dedicated to farm women. 

Eric Olson will delve into strategies for leveraging gumption for growth, while Sangeeta Lalli's talk on digital connectivity presents a vision for sustainable agriculture. Participants are also free to tailor their learning by choosing from concurrent sessions focused on risk management, financial analysis, leadership, and more. 

The AgEx Conference is a crucible for innovation, learning, and networking, ensuring attendees leave with new skills and perspectives for farming success.

For full details on speakers, sessions, and registration, the official website provides all necessary information Don't miss the chance to network with peers and enhance your farming enterprise at this essential event for the agricultural community. 

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