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A Reloadable Utility Knife

 A Reloadable Utility Knife

Photo Credit: Tough Built 

The convenience of this utility knife sets it apart from the rest

Braxten Breen Intern 

What farmer doesn’t need a utility knife? It is an essential tool that sits in a farmer’s pocket until needed. 

The complaint about many utility knives is that after a while the blade of the utility knife becomes dull. Before a farmer knows it, the blade can no longer make a good, quick cut.  

Tough Built had the innovative idea to create a quick-reloading blade mechanism, that easily reloads a mag of blades in the flick of a switch.  

The Reload Utility Knife + 2 Blade Mags is a robust, non-slip grip utility knife that includes the knife, 2 blades magazines, one full of straight blades, and the other full of hook nose blades. 

This quick-reloading mechanism is operated by the safe release button, allowing blades to be removed with a pinch and pull of the farmers hand, where then the farmer can take the fresh mag and drive it up the knife retracting the safety button back into place.  

Looking towards the magazine and blades itself, the utility knife comes with 2 fully loaded individual magazines. Each magazine is equipped with 5 action-ready blades in the upper chamber of the mag, where additionally in the lower storage reservoir with a snapshot door, there are 10 extra blades in each magazine. 

The convenience of this utility knife is a step up from its competitors, and is compatible to operate with hawkbill, German curve, serrated blades as well.   

For more information, watch this video about this handy utility knife.  

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