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Ag Leader RightSpot Technology Allows for Nozzle-By-Nozzle Control

Ag Leader RightSpot Technology Allows for Nozzle-By-Nozzle Control

Ag Leader Introduces RightSpot and BoomLoop Tech for Precision Farming and Efficiency

By Ryan Ridley

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, Ag Leader stands out with its RightSpot pulsing technology and its BoomLoop system. recently chatted with Russ Morman, Ag Leader Marketing Representative, about its RightSpot pulsing technology and its BoomLoop system advancements.   

According to Morman, these technologies promise to transform how farmers approach the crucial task of spraying, making it more efficient, accurate, and productive. 

RightSpot: A Leap in Spraying Precision 
The RightSpot technology introduces a pulsing system that controls the duty cycle of each nozzle independently. 

This breakthrough allows for consistent droplet size regardless of the sprayer's speed or the pressure changes, ensuring optimal coverage and preventing drift or inadequate weed control.  

Especially beneficial when navigating uneven terrains or varying speeds, RightSpot maintains perfect droplet size, enhancing the effectiveness of applications. 

Tailored Coverage with Individual Nozzle Control 
A standout feature of RightSpot is its individual nozzle control, which rectifies common issues such as under or over-application when turning. 

This capability ensures uniform coverage across the entire boom, dramatically improving the application's precision and reducing the risk of crop damage or insufficient weed control. 

Efficiency Redefined: Saving Time and Resources 
RightSpot also addresses the challenge of spraying around waterways, which is often a time-consuming task. 

With its precise nozzle control, farmers can drive through these areas without worrying about off-target spraying, significantly cutting down on time and increasing productivity. 

Introducing BoomLoop: Continuous Chemical Efficacy 
Complementing RightSpot, its BoomLoop technology offers an automatic recirculation feature. 

This ensures that chemicals stay mixed and ready for application, avoiding settlement in the lines. It's a boon for using today's complex chemicals, ensuring consistent application quality. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the Ag Leader’s RightSpot technology and BoomLoop system. 

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