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Keep it Clean launches 2024 Product Advisory

Keep it Clean launches 2024 Product Advisory

The tool informs growers about potential market risks

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

An updated resource is available to help farmers make informed crop protection decisions.

Keep it Clean, a joint initiative between the Canola Council of Canada, Cereals Canada, Pulse Canada and the Prairie Oat Growers Association, released its 2024 Product Advisory.

“It’s meant to provide information to growers in the industry on the potential market access implications of on-farm decisions,” Jeff English, vice president of marketing and communications with Pulse Canada, told “We want to bridge the gap between what’s happening in export markets and bring that information back to the farm level.”

The Product Advisory, for example, states that grain buyers will not accept malt barley treated with safluenacil.

But in the U.S., canola entering the U.S. and treated with safluenacil have a maximum residue limit (MRL) of 0.45 parts per million, the Code of Federal Regulations says.

The Product Advistory encourages farmers to consult with grain buyers before using pre-harvest glyphosate on chickpeas.

With a majority of Canada’s grain harvests destined for other countries, staying on top of market demands is key, English said.

“We depend on exports, so we have to pay attention to regulations in export markets,” he said. “We have to make sure when we are exporting our grain, it’s meeting those standards. It’s ever evolving and a lot to stay on top of.”

In addition to the Product Advisory itself, an upcoming webinar on April 25 at noon ET will provide an overview of why these products may cause marketing concerns.

Greg Bartley from Pulse Canada, Krista Zuzak from Cereals Canada and Ian Epp from the Canola Council of Canada are scheduled to make presentations.

Anyone interested in attending the webinar must register. And CEU credits are available for eligible CCAs.

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