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Ag More Than Ever reaches milestone

Ag More Than Ever reaches milestone

One year of improving perceptions of Canadian agriculture

By Amanda Brodhagen,

This week marks the one year anniversary of the industry-led cause, aimed at improving perceptions of Canadian agriculture – Ag More Than Ever. The nation-wide campaign has been embraced by farmers, ag-groups, agri-business and others alike. The united-front has tackled the daunting task of shifting perceptions about Canadian agriculture. This campaign has especially resonated with producers, who have been given a platform to share their positive stories about the industry that they love.

One of the driving forces behind this cause, Farm Credit Canada’s Lyndon Carlson, shared with some reflection of what this campaign has achieved over the past year. Farm Credit Canada (FCC) found that the public perceives agriculture as a struggling industry, which Carlson says is a misperception, especially since there are three jobs waiting for every ag graduate in Canada.  Ag More Than Ever emerged to tackle this perception and to change the image of the industry. Image is important says Carlson, “we want to attract investment in our industry and we want to attract people…there will be challenges, but regardless of those challenges there is a very positive story to share.”

When asked how the campaign will evolve in the coming year, Carlson says “the change will be working with our partners in a concerted effort” and to see partners doing things on their own, continuing to champion the cause. There are 177 signed official partners who have committed to the campaign. Closing in on the one-year anniversary FCC conducted a nation-wide survey to gauge how many Canadian producers were familiar with Ag More Than Ever.  To their delight, one-third indicated that they knew about the campaign. Carlson expressed his thanks for the Happy Birthday tweets and called them positive and encouraging.

Doug Wagner, President of Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, one of the most well-known partners of the Ag More Than Ever campaign, believes that the show helped to get the message out to farmers. The promotional items given out at the show, materialized Ag More Than Ever in farmer’s hands. “The visual aspects really got farmers talking one-on-one, which I think contributed to the overall exposure of the campaign,” explains Wagner. “You can’t help, but feel proud of our industry,” explains Wagner when referring to the Ag More Than Ever videos. Wagner’s message to campaign partners, is keep up the good work, noting that the campaign should be a long-term strategy for the agricultural industry., a media partner of Ag More Than Ever, released a statement in recognition of the anniversary celebrations. “At we recognize that it is important for people living in urban areas to have a connection with agriculture,” says Executive Vice President Joe Dales. The innovative thoughts, the passion, and the care farmers take, will continue in agriculture – now and always.  While people who live in cities today may no longer have a direct connection to modern agriculture, they can feel confident that these traditions are holding true. That is why we believe in ‘Agriculture More than Ever’”.

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