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Beef emerges as the winner in renewed Canada-Chili deal

Beef emerges as the winner in renewed Canada-Chili deal

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Canadian beef seeks to benefit from the renewed Canada-Chile Partnership Framework that was signed on Thursday. Canadian beef exporters will now have full access to the Chilean market. Access to the Chilean beef market is worth C$5 million a year, which Harper says has the potential to double over the next three-years. This marks the end of a 10-year-old ban on Canadian beef imports, after the discovery of BSE in 2003.

A news release issued by the Prime Minister’s Office says “Building upon our recently agreed reciprocal access for beef and beef products, Canada and Chile will foster trade in this sector. Canada and Chile will identify and advance their cooperation in areas of mutual interest, which may include innovation, genetics, climate change and new pathogens, and research on renewables including bio-based energy and biotechnology.”

The partnership between the two countries also includes agreements on education, energy, mining, science and technology.



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