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AGCO charts path in Ag sustainability & tech


In 2023, AGCO Corporation underscored its role as a pioneer in the agricultural sector with its release of the "Farmer First. Future Focused." Sustainability Report. The document spotlights AGCO's efforts in pushing for a more sustainable and efficient agriculture through innovative technology and cleaner energy solutions. 

Among the standout achievements is the introduction of the Fendt e107 V Vario, a groundbreaking battery-electric tractor, alongside the CORE75 AGCO Power engine, designed for alternative fuels like hydrotreated vegetable oil. These developments signify AGCO's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and offering farmers more environmentally friendly machinery options. 

The company also made strides in precision agriculture, with the Symphony Nozzle from Precision Planting being a notable example. This tool allows for precise control over agricultural inputs, leading to healthier soil and lower costs. 

Customer and employee satisfaction reached new heights in 2023, with AGCO recording its highest-ever Net Promoter Scores and employee engagement levels. Safety measures saw remarkable improvements, further highlighting AGCO's dedication to its community. 

AGCO set ambitious sustainability targets for the coming years, including a significant reduction in emissions, waste diversion from landfills, and decreased water usage, emphasizing its commitment to environmental stewardship. The year also marked another period of record performance for AGCO, proving that sustainability and business success go hand in hand in modern agriculture.

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