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AGCO introduces new Fendt tracked tractors

AGCO introduces new Fendt tracked tractors

Farmers can begin pre-ordering 900 Vario MT and 1100 Vario MT tractors this September

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

AGCO is bringing two new series of tracked tractors to farmers through its Fendt brand.

The Fendt 1100 Vario MT, unveiled on Aug. 14 during a virtual event, is a four-model lineup: the 1151, 1156, 1162 and the 1167. Maximum horsepower in the series ranges from 510 to 670.

Inside the cab, users familiar with Fendt tractors will find the same color-coded controls found in other tractors. Blue represents hydraulic controls and orange is for powertrain, for example.

The first three models are powered by a six-cylinder, 15.2-liter MAN engine. The 1167 will have a 16.2-liter MAN engine.

“The 1167 can handle the largest disks, rippers, grain carts or air seeders in the market,” said Daniel Smith, marketing specialist for Fendt tractors in North America.

The track system on the lineup features a 118-inch wheel base that can achieve gauge widths of 88 to 120 inches. In addition, three track styles are available in four widths ranging from 18 to 36 in.

One new optional feature of the lineup is Smart Ride Plus load leveling.

“Using two optional hydraulic cylinders, the tractor can be leveled depending on ballast and implement load to maintain a correct implement and hitch alignment for improved in-field performance as well as ride quality,” Smith said.

The other new tracked tractor offering from Fendt is the 900 Vario MT line.

This series features three models: the 938, 940 and the 943. Maximum horsepower in this lineup ranges from 381 to 431.

The tractor’s engineering can provide farmers with an agronomic advantage.

“The power-to-weight ratio and mobile track design provide for an average of just over 11 PSI,” Smith said. “That’s roughly a 25 percent advantage versus conventional front-wheel assist tractors.”

Both lineups will be available for presales starting on Sept. 1 with anticipated delivery to dealerships in early April 2021.

In the meantime, AGCO will be bringing 1100 Vario MT and 900 Vario MT tractors to dealerships and industry events to give farmers an up-close view of the new products.

In addition, AGCO will be hosting an online product release event for farmers on Aug. 21.


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