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Agribition announces Virtual Education Program

Agribition announces Virtual Education Program

The program is aimed at elementary aged students

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Students can now learn about agriculture in a new virtual platform from Canadian Western Agribition (CWA).

The idea of the Virtual Education Program started in 2020 when it became clear an in-person show wouldn’t be possible, said Chris Lane, CEO of CWA.

“Our education committee got together and started talking about how we could build something that still provides that agricultural educational experience for all the kids, teachers and parents that come to the show,” he told

Once the committee started figuring out the details, they reached out to the partners who usually are involved in the show such as Agriculture in The Classroom and Saskatchewan Agriculture to help get the program up and running, said Lane.

“The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture is a partner of the education program in a normal show year. So, they come on board with us and help us put on that pavilion and make sure the space is available, free of charge, to the groups that deliver education programs. So, we struck a deal with them that's very similar that says the space might not be at a live show this year, but we want to create a space for the work to still get done,” he said.

The online program gives students the chance to learn about agriculture, which is what the in-person show usually does, said Lane.

“The number of schools and students that are coming to take part in the program is growing, it hasn't stopped, it's our fastest growing part of agribition. So, I think there's a real appetite out there for education around food and agriculture,” he said. “It's become such an important part about what happens at Agribition and educating the kids and the families around all the great things that this industry is doing and providing in a safe and ethical way.”

The program is free for everyone and is focused on content and learning for elementary aged students, said the release.

“It's available to everybody in the province. Whether you're a teacher, or a parent who's doing at home learning these days, it's all available and there's lots of stuff on there to keep your classroom and your students occupied and check back often and watch for updates,” said Lane.

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