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Agworld developing app for Apple Watch

Can also be used on iPad and iPhone

By Diego Flammini,

With the current release of the Apple Watch comes an array of applications made to accommodate the user’s interests and needs.

As farming and agriculture makes its mark in the world of mobile technology and applications, it was only a matter of time before an application for the Apple Watch was in development.

Agworld out of Sacramento, California is in the process of developing an app for the watch that will give farmers all the information they need, right when they need it.

The application for the Apple Watch will be an extension of their current platform that’s available for use on the web, iPad and iPhone. It allows for real-time collaboration and management opportunities of important information, recommendations and activities while they’re still in the fields.

“Since launching the industry’s first iPad ag app in 2011, we’ve been focused on delivering the mobile technology farmers need infield.” said Zachary Sheely, VP Sales and Operations for Agworld. “The Apple Watch app, like all of our products, is grounded on an understanding that farming happens in the field, not in the office, where critical data is needed to underpin smarter, infield decisions.”

Apple Watch

Some of the information available to farmers while using Agworld’s tools are:

  • Pre-season crop planning and budgeting
  • Browse farm maps for geospatial area
  • Writing recommendations in under 30 seconds whether infield or even offline
  • Financial and crop progress reports
  • Scouting workflow and flexible scouting techniques

Currently more than 17,000 growers and consultants around the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile use Agworld’s technologies.

Tell us your thoughts on Agworld developing an app for the Apple Watch. Would it be something you’d find useful on your farm?

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