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Alta. ag organizations add to educational platform

Alta. ag organizations add to educational platform

Project Agriculture now includes junior high school social studies and science material

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

An online ag resource for Alberta teachers and educators received additional materials.

Project Agriculture, which provides educators with ag-specific activities and resources to teach elementary, junior high and high school students about agriculture, now has materials focusing on the crop sector.

Albera Barley, Alberta Canola, Alberta Pulse Growers and the Alberta Wheat Commission, helped provide the materials.

“The new modules will complement the existing Project Agriculture platform and align with junior high social studies and science topics,” the groups said in a statement.

When Project Agriculture originally launched, Alberta Milk, Egg Farmers of Alberta, Alberta Chicken Producers, Alberta Turkey Producers and Alberta Hatching Eggs Producers designed it for teachers to help teach students about supply-managed sectors.

One of the new modules focuses on agriculture histories and is geared towards students in grade seven.

This section has six questions asking things like how innovation has shaped the food system and how food and farming has influenced the growth of Canada’s population over time.

Another section, designed for students in grades seven and eight, is about food diversity.

The six questions in this part of Project Agriculture include what crops feed the world and how plant science affects crop diversity.

“The program allows students and teachers the flexibility to use a project-based approach or implement short and focused activities that bring Alberta’s robust agriculture sector to the forefront of the classroom,” the crop groups said in their statement. has educational material on its website.

Users can find education apps on the Apps page.

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