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Apache Sprayers Names Simpson Farm Enterprises Dealer of the Year 2022

MOORESVILLE, Ind. – Equipment Technologies (ET), manufacturer of Apache Sprayers, celebrated top dealerships and high-achieving sales teams at its annual dealer meeting July 26-27, 2022 held at company headquarters in Mooresville, Ind. Company leaders recognized top sales and service excellence for 2022, top dealers and top performers.

In addition to the Apache Dealer awards ceremony, the annual Apache Sprayers Dealership meeting featured workshops and breakout sessions that gave attendees the opportunity to review, test, and become educated on the new features being delivered with the 2023 Apache Sprayers line-up.

Simpson Farm Enterprises (SFE) was named the Dealer of the Year 2022. In addition, Ag Solutions Group earned the Highest Growth Dealer award and All West Sales was awarded Top First Year Dealer. 

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Ask A Farmer Podcast: How is the agriculture industry managing plastic waste?

Video: Ask A Farmer Podcast: How is the agriculture industry managing plastic waste?

Like other industries in Canada, in agriculture, there are some inorganic waste products that are used in the production of food. This includes containers for products, bags for grain and livestock feed, twine on bales, tubing for sap collection, and other materials. Barry Friesen is the Executive Director of Cleanfarms Canada, which provides solutions to some of these challenges and discusses how agriculture is working to improve sustainable practices on the farm.

The main points of this podcast include: What types of plastic farmers use that can be recycled. The different programs that allow farmers and ranchers to recycle their plastic. How Cleanfarms operates and partners with others in the agriculture industry. Different methods Cleanfarms is using to reduce their environmental footprint. What the recycled plastic is turned into, as well as the future of recycled farm plastics. The portion of plastics that are currently recycled from farms.



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