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Application period open for New Jersey Agricultural Achievement Award

Applications must be submitted by January 2nd, 2016

By Diego Flammini,

Are you a high school senior? Are you considering pursuing a career in science or agriculture? If so, you’re eligible to apply for a $500 scholarship from the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.

The New Jersey Agricultural Achievement Award is in place to assist the recipients as they begin to carve out their careers in agriculture.

Applications must be submitted by January 2nd, 2016 and must also include a resume and an essay that answers the following question:

“How has your involvement within your respective nominating organization helped to shape your future career choice?”


Also as part of the application requirements, contestants are required to be a current and active member of an organization. They must be either on the New Jersey Equine Advisory Board and/or represented at the Youth Reception portion of the New Jersey State Agricultural Convention.

As part of the duties of the winner, they must attend the Annual New Jersey Bred Equine Breeders Award Luncheon, currently scheduled for Sunday, January 24th, 2016. While there, the winner will read their essay to the attendees of the luncheon.

Each organization on the New Jersey Equine Advisory Board and a participant of the State Agricultural Convention are allowed to nominate a maximum of two contestants to receive a scholarship.

Join the conversation and tell us if you’ll apply for the $500 scholarship. What kind of things would you put in your essay that could help you stand out from the others?

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