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Road safety important as harvest season approaches

Indiana State Department of Agriculture teaming up with other departments

By Diego Flammini,

As harvest season approaches, more and more large, slow-moving farm equipment from the 58,000 farms in Indiana will make their way onto different roadways.

Road Machinery

In an effort to ensure the safety of farmers and other motorists, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture is teaming up with the state’s departments of Homeland Security and Transportation, along with the state police.

“As our farmers are working to bring in this year’s crop, we want to remind all Hoosiers of farmers’ increased presence on the roadways,” ISDA Director Ted McKinney said. “We want to reinforce to motorists that these farmers have every right to use the roadway, too. Waiting a few minutes to safely pass or for the driver to pull over will not impact their drive substantially, and they will get to their destination unharmed.”

Keeping these tips in mind can help everyone on the road get home safely to enjoy the products brought to dinner tables by farmers in Indiana:

  • Farm equipment is wide and takes up most of the roadway. Exercise caution when trying to pass
  • A red triangle on the back of a machine means it travels under 25 mph
  • Keep a safe distance from all farm equipment
  • Just because the operator of farm equipment pulls to the right does not mean they’re letting you pass. Due to the size of the machinery they sometimes have to make wide left-hand turns

Doug Carter, Superintendent of the Indiana State Police Department said all motorists have to work together to ensure the roads are traveled safely.

“A distraction or lapse in judgment for either driver can have catastrophic consequences, which is why we ask all to be attentive to the full time task of safely driving, be it in a car, truck or a piece of farm equipment.”

Join the conversation and tell us some other safe driving tips that can be followed to make sure the roads and equipment are as safe as possible.

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