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Critical Mineral List now includes phosphorus

Phosphorus & potash make critical list

By Jean-Paul McDonald

Fertilizer Canada has expressed support for the Canadian government's recent update to the Critical Mineral List, which now includes phosphorus alongside the previously listed potash. This update highlights the importance of these minerals in agriculture and their role in global food security. 

Phosphorus and potash are vital components of fertilizers that support the growth of robust crops worldwide.  

While phosphorus is largely imported for use in Canadian agriculture, potash is mined in Canada and exported to over 75 countries.  

This export not only supports global agriculture but also positions Canada as a key player in sustainable and ethical mining practices. 

The inclusion of these minerals on the Critical Mineral List is crucial as it draws attention to their importance not just nationally but internationally.  

It also aligns with the goals of the Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy, which aims to provide comprehensive support for the mining and management of essential minerals.  

This strategy emphasizes environmental responsibility and the need for innovations in transportation and logistics that can enhance the efficiency and sustainability of mineral supply chains. 

The government's focus on these minerals shows a commitment to not only supporting agriculture but also ensuring that Canada remains a vital economic driver and reliable trading partner in the global market.  

As discussions continue, Fertilizer Canada urges for ongoing collaboration between the government and the industry to further enhance environmental standards and seek long-term solutions that will benefit all stakeholders involved. 

This initiative is a step forward in acknowledging the significant role that minerals like phosphorus and potash play in sustaining global food production and economic stability. 

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