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Toro Introduces the Compact TX 1000

 Toro Introduces the Compact TX 1000

TX 1000 Combines Compact Design with Robust Power

By Ryan Ridley

There’s a new compact loader on the market. It might be small, but it packs a punch when it comes to versatility and power. 

The Toro Company’s TX 1000 is perfect for various farm and landscape tasks, combining power, versatility, and ease of use in one compact unit. 

Powered by a 25 horsepower Kubota diesel engine, the TX 1000 delivers efficient power in those tight spaces.  

It comes equipped with a front plate system that supports multiple attachments such as forks, augers, and trenchers, making the unit universal for tasks like lifting hay bales, moving debris, and even cleaning out stalls. 

One of the standout features of the TX 1000 is its track system. This system ensures a low ground pressure of only 5.8 PSI, allowing operators to work on sensitive surfaces like turf without causing damage or to navigate easily over mud, Jamie Petrowski with Toro explained to 

Ease of use is another key benefit of the TX 1000. Its controls are intuitive, making it simple for first-time users to operate the machine proficiently within minutes.  

Seasoned veterans will also find the loader straightforward to use, enabling you to start working immediately without a learning curve. 

Visibility is crucial when operating machinery, and the TX 1000 is the definition of high visibility. 

It offers 360-degree visibility from an elevated platform, allowing for precise operation without the risk of damaging surrounding objects. This feature is especially useful in tight spaces where precision is paramount. 

Lastly, the TX 1000 can reach up to an 81-inch hinge pin height, facilitating high lifts into dump trailers or onto second-tier levels.  

This advancement marks a significant milestone in agricultural technology, offering a smarter, more cost-effective solution for today’s farming challenges. 

“When you are looking for something that is compact, something that is powerful, look no further than Toro TX 1000,” adds Petrowski. 

Watch the below video to see the Toro TX 1000 up close. 

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