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Caribbean health fair for migrant workers

Caribbean health fair for migrant workers

The Caribbean Health Fair will connect migrant workers with services and support within the Windsor-Essex County community.

By Andrew Joseph,

The Caribbean Health and Information Fair for Migrant and Temporary Foreign Workers will be held in Leamington, Ontario, on August 27, 2023.

For the first time, the Active Care Response Team (ACRT) and Migrant Worker Community Program (MWCP), in collaboration with the TeaMWork Project, will co-host the Health and Information Fair, which caters to the Caribbean migrant worker community in Essex County.

In partnership with over 10 organizations in Windsor-Essex County, the event seeks to bring together migrant workers with the services and support available to them and to ensure they have barrier-free access to healthcare and other resources.

Free services at the fair include blood pressure testing, glucose testing, legal assistance, and much more.

  • Date: Sunday, August 27th, 2023
  • Time: 4–6 p.m.
  • Location: St. Michael Parish, 29 Elliot St. S., Leamington, Ontario

About the Migrant Worker Community Program
The MWCP is a registered charitable organization based in Leamington that serves all of Windsor-Essex County. Each year, approximately 20,000 migrant workers come to live and work in Essex County. The Program’s mission is to help build a stronger community by supporting migrant workers with access to educational, social, cultural, and recreational opportunities while also helping them navigate available support services such as health and wellness, legal aid, and travel and immigration support in Spanish, English, and Tagalog.

The MWCP supports community integration by bringing the migrant worker populations into local life and activities to help workers transition more successfully into the local community and feel welcome. The MWCP is often one of the earliest points of contact for migrant workers.

The MWCP, through various programs and outreach initiatives, offered support to approximately 5,000 migrant workers and over 200 farms in the past year. This service is culturally safe and responsive.

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About the Active Care Response Team (ACRT)
In 2008, ACRT was established as a registered non-profit organization. Led by Executive Director Lizzy Walker, a team of volunteers continues to share their passion and vision for advocating, supporting, and working within communities in need.

Working in close liaison with other agencies and health care providers, ACRT aims to provide access to essential medicine, education, services, and support, as well as resources, direct intervention, and recovery assistance.

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About the TeaMWork Project
Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada, TeaMWork is a project under the Migrant Worker Support Program. The purpose of the project is to provide migrant workers with accurate information and access to available services and supports and to assist them in learning about and exercising their rights while in Canada.

The funding serves the best interests of migrant workers in Essex County, Chatham-Kent, and Lambton County.

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