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Cdn. beef officially receives OTM access to Taiwan

Cdn. beef officially receives OTM access to Taiwan

Taiwan previously banned Canadian beef and beef products originating from animals over 30 months old

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Taiwan has formally lifted its ban on certain Canadian beef and beef products.

On June 16, Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced Taiwan removed its ban on Canadian beef and beef products from animals over 30-months old (OTM).

Taiwan placed a ban on all Canadian beef in 2003 following Canada’s bout with BSE.

In 2016, Taiwan lifted the market access ban for animals under 30 months of age after Canada received negligible risk status for BSE from the World Organisation for Animal Health.

“Most beef comes from animals that are less than 30 months of age, before BSE is a problem,” an Alberta government source says.

Canada exported about $14 million worth of beef and related products to Taiwan in 2022.

This expanded access will help Canada export more products to Taiwan and the region, said Minister Bibeau.

“Expanding our trade relationships in the Indo-Pacific region is a top priority for the Government of Canada, and Taiwan presents many opportunities for Canada’s beef sector,” she said in a statement. “Canada exports nearly half of its agriculture production and, as a trusted supplier, our high-quality products are sought-after around the globe.”

Trade Minister Mary Ng signaled Taiwan would be providing full access to Canadian beef in May.

During the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting, “Taiwan confirmed that in a couple weeks Canadian beef exporters will have full access to the Taiwanese market,” she said in a May 25 tweet.

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