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CFFO Concerned about the Health and Safety of Animal Agriculture

Christian Farmers of Ontario Encourages Farmers to Reduce Risk

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In this week’s Christian Farmers of Ontario (CFFO) commentary, Ted van den Hurk, Vice-President of CFFO reveals some of his concerns about the health and safety of animal agriculture.

In the commentary van den Hurk highlights some of the impacts that outbreaks such as foot and mouth disease and Avian Influenza have had, resulting in major economic losses to not only farmers but to the entire economy.

It’s suggested in the commentary that while these impacts are very real concerns that agriculture producers should have, there is also a proactive way in dealing with these potential risks. For example, the Agriculture Response Materials Management Inc. (ARMMI), that specializes in dealing with situations where there is a disease, threat or emergency, that farm operations and farmers have the tools necessary to ensure containment and control. The ARMMI has a kit for farm operators, containing protection for one farm worker for one day, and it includes things like - hoods, boot covers, disposable gloves, N95 face masks, and more.

The creation of ARMMI was an initiative that began in 2008 to work with livestock and poultry organizations. While ARRMI works primarily with poultry producers, it’s always looking for more participation from other livestock producers.

More information about ARMMI can be found by contacting Lynn McNiven, General Manager at


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