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USDA Creates Public Service Ad: How to Prepare Safe Food for the Super Bowl

U.S Department of Agriculture Provides Tips To Host a Safe Super Bowl Party

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In preparation of this weekend’s Super Bowl, the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) created a new public service ad to remind Americans about the importance of preparing food properly for the Super Bowl this year. The ad aims to warn Americans about the dangers of food poisoning, if food isn’t prepared or cooked properly.

The USDA warns on their website that both hot and cold food can be in the “danger zone” if food is left at room temperature for over two hours at a time.

The following are some of the key tips that the ad covers:

•Arrange food and serve on smaller platters rather than just one big platter
•Always serve food on clean plates – ensure that the plates didn’t have raw meat on the plate previous to serving
•Replace empty platters rather than adding fresh food to dish that previously had food in it

Enjoy your Super Bowl food and stay safe!


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