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Combines down but tractors sales up in 2022

Combines down but tractors sales up in 2022

AEM data shows January 2022 Canadian sales of tractors up by 6.3 percent over 2021 period.

By Andrew Joseph,

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has released its monthly sales report for farm equipment, showing that Canadian sales of tractors for the month of January 2022 were up by 6.3 percent, though combine sales were down by 30 percent.

A comparison of sales data for January 2022 versus January 2021 in the report shows that for 2WD farm tractors with < 40 HP, sales were up by 6.6 percent: 2022 @ 1,141 vs 1,170.

For the same tractors with 40 < 100 HP, the sales numbers dropped by -3.1 percent: 2022 @ 407 vs 420.

2WD farm tractors with 100+ HP improved by 26 percent in January 2022 to 213 units vs 2021 January sales of 169.

Total 2WD farm tractor sales were at 1,761 units in January 2022 vs 1,659 units in January 2021 – for a growth of 6.1 percent.

4WD farm tractors in Canada saw a rise in sales of 16.7 percent. January 2022 saw 28 units sold vs 24 units sold in January of 2021.

Combining the 2WD + 4WD farm tractor sales, we see the 6.3 percent increase in sales: 1,789 units in January 2022 vs 1,683 units in January 2021.

The combine sales, as noted earlier were not as good, down 30 percent: just 49 units sold in January 2022 vs 70 units sold in January 2021.

For comparison, the AEM report noted that US total farm tractor sales only gained 1.5 percent in January 2022 over January 2021, and combines sales for the month fell 41.4 percent to 205 units sold.

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