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Cops catch escaped piglets

Cops catch escaped piglets

Pigs on the lam, OPP officers safely recapture escaped trio.  

By Andrew Joseph,; Photo by OPP North West Region

First there was Chicken Run back in 2000, and now there is piggy run.

On March 25, 2022, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Nort West Regional police officers were called in to help corral three escaped young pigs. will refrain from hamming up the situation with any ironic takes on the situation.

The two OPP officers from the Schreiber detachment, just east of Thunder Bay, Ontario spent nearly an hour before the tuckered trio were captured unharmed and placed in the back of a police cruiser for safekeeping before being returned to their owner.

As for how the three little pigs escaped, talked with the Schreiber OPP detachment, but unfortunately, further details were not forthcoming.  We may just have to wait for one of the piglets to squeal (sorry, we tried).

The OPP’s local media officer said that the best guess is that the piglets simply escaped from local transport at a truck stop.

You can see the “arresting” officer’s tweet about the incident:

All tuckered out, three captured piglets take a snooze in the back of an OPP cruiser.


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Very good advice.
Jerry |Mar 29 2022 7:58AM
All I can say is something I learned from my late Grandpa when playing with my toes: This little piggie went to market this little piggie stayed home and this little piggie went - we we we all the way home after an escape!!! I thought it was fitting!!
Peter |Mar 29 2022 5:51AM