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Cox farms - Transforming agriculture through sustainable innovation


Cox Enterprises unveils Cox Farms, a driving force in sustainable agriculture. Through innovative indoor farming techniques, Cox Farms delivers a consistent supply of high-quality fruits and vegetables, free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

With a rich agricultural heritage spanning over a century, Cox Enterprises brings together industry leaders like Mucci Farms and BrightFarms to create a network of indoor farms across North America. This network ensures a steady harvest of 360 million pounds of produce annually, meeting the demands of major retailers nationwide. 

By reimagining traditional farming practices, Cox Farms achieves stable greenhouse conditions, maximizing yield per acre and setting a new standard for quality in the industry. With revenues approaching $1 billion and a dedicated workforce of 2,500 employees, Cox Farms demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, health, and financial success. 

Embrace the future of farming with Cox Farms. Experience the taste of fresh, locally-grown produce year-round, knowing you're supporting a more sustainable and resilient food supply chain for future generations.

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