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De Dell Seeds unveils two new organic corn hybrids for 2018

De Dell Seeds unveils two new organic corn hybrids for 2018

The company has introduced 10 new varieties in the past two years


Organic corn producers in Ontario will have more new seed varieties to choose from thanks to De Dell Seeds.

The Melbourne, Ont. company has introduced its organic DL 3808 and DL 2202 varieties, which will be available for growers for the 2018 growing season.

Each hybrid has its own specific characteristics and can provide a variety of advantages for producers, says Will Trudell, vice president of De Dell Seeds.

“The 3808 hybrid we released has really good spring vigor, which farmers like because it helps get their rows covered and get weeds under control,” he told “The variety also has really good yield potential.”

DL 2202, which has also been released as a conventional variety, has consistent ears that flare the husks, providing a good dry down and a clean grain, he said.

Those two varieties are in addition to the DL 3146 and DL 4902 conventional varieties De Dell also launched in 2017.

While a good portion of De Dell’s business focuses on non-GMO and organic varieties, they also offer conventional varieties.

And that’s a piece of information some producers aren’t aware of, Trudell said.

“When Vince Trudell (Will’s father) founded  the company in 1999, it started off with conventional varieties. We eventually branched into organics,” he said. “People tend to think we’re only an organic company but that’s not the case.”

De Dell Seeds will be exhibiting at the Guelph Organic Conference to engage with producers and answer any questions.