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DOT Technologies to introduce the Power Platform to Ontario at the Precision Agriculture Conference

DOT Technologies to introduce the Power Platform to Ontario at the Precision Agriculture Conference

Trent Meyer will help explain the evolution of DOT Technologies

By Diego Flammini
News Reporter

One organization’s journey from conception to commercialization will be highlighted during the 2018 Precision Agriculture Conference.

Saskatchewan-based DOT Technologies unveiled its Power Platform in July. The platform can connect to any implement designed as “DOT Ready.” The platform can also drive a field to map the obstacles and other unique landmarks

For many Ontario growers, this discussion will be their first introduction to DOT.

“It’ll be the first time we’ve presented in Ontario,” Trent Meyer, executive vice president of DOT Technologies, told

DOT representatives will speak in sessions on both days of the conference.

The company’s presentation on Jan. 30 will focus on the road from designing the Power Platform to producing it.

“I’ll be with Norbert Beaujot, the president of DOT,” Meyer said. “He’ll talk about how he got to this point with DOT and the design, and what kind of farm optimization comes from a technology like this.”

And DOT’s breakout session the next day will be a more interactive presentation with farmers.


Beaujot and Meyer will be ready to answer questions from producers about the advantages and potential disadvantages of implementing DOT on their farms, Meyer said.

The agriculture industry finds itself at an interesting crossroads.

The next generation and current generation of producers could experience tug of war when it comes to adopting technology on farms, according to Meyer.

But thinking about the future of agriculture could make accepting technology a little easier.

“It really comes down to a mindset of progression that some people share,” Meyer said. “Technology certainly isn’t limited to the younger generations.”

Meyer is one of many great speakers scheduled to appear at the Precision Agriculture Conference.

The event takes place Jan. 30 and 31 at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn in London, Ont. 


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