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Early harvest reports indicate good yields in Manitoba

Early harvest reports indicate good yields in Manitoba

Winter wheat yields could be on par with 2015

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

If the early wheat harvest is any indication, yields in Manitoba could be above the 10-year average.

In the Southwest Region, winter cereals are at the hard dough stage. The crop is desiccating and harvest in some parts of the region.

And early reports indicate a winter wheat yield of about 65 bu/ac. If that number remains constant, this year’s harvest will be on par with the 2015 yield levels for the province.

The 10-year average yield for winter wheat is 64 bu/ac, according to Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC).

Other parts of Manitoba are experiencing different harvest completion levels when it comes to hay, barley and other crops.

In the Northwest Region, native hay harvest sits around 75 per cent completed with “above average yields,” according to Manitoba Agriculture.

But second cut, beef-quality hay is showing “below average yields.”

Farmers are also harvesting cereal silage and winter wheat in the northwest but yield estimates are unavailable at this time.

In the Central Region, barley farmers have started to harvest their crops.

Early reports indicate the crop has “excellent yield and quality,” says Manitoba Agriculture.

In 2015, farmers averaged 69 bu/ac of barley, according to MASC. The 10-year average is 61 bu/ac.

Farmers in the Central Region have started to harvest fall rye, winter wheat and forage seed.

Yield estimates for those crops are unavailable as of the August 8 report.

And in the Eastern Region, farmers have been harvesting mainly hay crops.

First cut alfalfa yields are about 1.5 tonnes/acre and grass/alfalfa mixes are about 2 tonnes/acre, according to Manitoba Agriculture.

A yield of 1.75 tonnes/acre is estimated for tame hay and 1 tonne/acre for wild hay.

And second cut alfalfa is estimated at 1.5 tonnes/acre and 1.25 tonnes/acre for alfalfa/grass mixes.

In Manitoba’s Interlake Region, farmers have harvested some winter wheat. Yields, however, are expected to be lower due to winterkill, says Manitoba Agriculture. A definitive yield estimate isn’t available yet.

Producers harvesting peas are yielding 70 to 80 bu/ac.

And early barley yielded between 80 and 90 bu/ac.

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