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Egg Farmers of Ontario launch electronic quota system

Egg Farmers of Ontario launch electronic quota system

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) is rolling out a new e-system that will modernize the way quota transferring is conducted in the province.

Ontario’s 440 egg and pullet quota holders were informed of its plan on June 6. The quota transfer system will be fully functional by early 2014, which will allow for a swifter way to transfer quota rather than through private sale. The EFO has put in place a hold on quota transfers until the new system is fully implemented.

The EFO said it made the decision to transfer over to a new system after comparing options, including systems in other provinces such as British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec. "Farmers said the lack of opportunity and lack of information about private quota sales means they find it is becoming more difficult to purchase quota without having to go through egg and pullet industry service representatives,” said EFO Chair Scott Graham.

The electronic quota system aim is to enhance business deals, creating more accessibility for buyers and sellers.  EFO says it will work with farmers in the coming months to assist with the transfer over to the new system.

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