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Enhanced quality in US corn exports revealed


The U.S. Grains Council's release of the 2023/2024 Corn Export Cargo Quality Report brings good news for global agriculture, showing that U.S. corn quality not only meets but exceeds the standard U.S. No. 2 grade across all grade factors. This achievement marks an improvement over the average quality of previous years and supports the Council's goals of promoting global food security and the mutual economic benefits of trade. 

This report, based on the analysis of 433 samples of yellow commodity corn collected during the federal grain inspection process, provides a snapshot of the U.S. corn crop's quality as it prepares for global distribution. Despite a growing season challenged by drought and high temperatures, the U.S. corn crop matured rapidly, leading to a harvest of exceptional quality.  

Key findings include an increase in average test weight and protein concentration, surpassing both last year's metrics and the five-year average. Additionally, the report assures the international community of the crop's safety, with all samples testing below critical levels for harmful substances. 

Together with the Corn Harvest Quality Report, these findings offer a transparent, consistent look at U.S. corn quality, helping international buyers make informed decisions. The USGC is set to further disseminate this information through upcoming crop quality seminars in key international markets, including Central America and South Korea.  

These efforts not only highlight the quality of U.S. corn but also reinforce the USGC's dedication to supporting global agricultural trade, enhancing food security, and building strong trade relationships worldwide. 

Click here to see the Corn Export Cargo Quality Report 23/2024.

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