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Fall harvest nearly completed in Manitoba
Fall harvest nearly completed in Manitoba

Fall harvest nearly completed in Manitoba

Some regions are reporting a complete spring cereal harvest

By Diego Flammini
News Reporter

Farmers in Manitoba have almost finished combining some crops, according to Manitoba Agriculture’s Sept. 24 Crop Report.

But cool and wet weather across the province did keep some farmers off of their fields, if only momentarily.

Regional Highlights





Argue, Bede, Birtle, Boissevan, Brandon, Carberry, Deloraine, Findlay, Forrest, Glenboro, Hamiota, Killarney, Kola, Melita, Minnedosa, Minto, Mountainside, Ninette, Oakburn, Pierson, Restonwado, Russell, Shoal Lake, Souris, St. Lazare, Virden, Waskada, Wawanesa

  • Spring cereal harvest is 95 to 100 per cent complete. Yield and quality is very good to excellent.
  • Canola harvest is 60 to 70 per cent complete. Most canola left to harvest will be straight cut. Canola yields are expected to be above average.
  • Soybeans are in the R7 to R8 stage.
  • Corn silage yields appear to be above average.


Alonsa, Dauphin, Drifting River, Ethelbert, Fork River, Grandview, Inglis, Keld, McCreary, Minitonas, Pipe Lake, Rorketon, Ruthenia, San Clara, Ste. Rose, Swan River, Swan Valley, The Pas

  • Spring wheat harvest is between 90 and 100 per cent complete.
  • Spring wheat yields are between 75 and 80 bu/acre in some areas and between 60 and 90 bu/acre in others.
  • Barley and oat harvest is complete. Oat yields are estimated at 150 bu/acre, and barley yields are estimated at 100 bu/acre.
  • Between 65 and 95 per cent of canola has been harvested, with yields ranging between 50 to 60 bu/acre.
  • Soybean harvest is starting to begin.


Altona, Baldue, Brunkild, Carman, Cartwright, Clearwater, Deerwood, Elm Creek, Emerson, Gladstone, Gretna, Kane, Letellier, Manitou, Morden, Morris, Pilot Mount, Portage, Snowflake, Somerset, Starbuck, Treherne, Windygates, Winkler

  • Spring cereal yields are anywhere between 55 and 180 bu/acre.
  • 95 per cent of canola is harvested, with yields of between 40 and 65 bu/acre reported.
  • Early flax harvest yields are estimated between 27 and 40 bu/acre.
  • Between 40 and 50 per cent of soybean harvest is completed in the region. Yields range from 17 to 45 bu/acre.
  • 65 per cent of the edible bean harvest is complete and corn silage has begun.



Beausejour, Dugals, Elma, Gardenton, Kleefeld, Menisino, Pinawa, Sprague, St. Pierre, Stadolphe, Steinbach, Vivian, Winnipeg, Zhoda

  • Spring wheat yields are averaging 65 bu/acre.
  • Approximately 95 per cent of the canola crop is harvested and yields range between 45 and 55 bu/acre.
  • Soybean harvests are showing yields between 20 to 36 bu/acre.
  • Winter wheat seeding has started in the area.


Arborg, Eriksdale, Fisher Branch, Fisherton, Gimli, Inwood, Moosehorn, Narcisse, Selkirk, Taylor’s Point, Teulon, Woodlands.

  • Canola harvest is complete in some parts of the region. Yields range from 30 to 50 bu/acre.
  • Soybean harvest in the southern part of the region is about 50 per cent complete. Yields range between 30 and 35 bu/acre.