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Farm Bureau’s $12,400 boost to Oklahoma food aid


The Oklahoma Farm Bureau (OKFB) along with its county counterparts, has mobilized a generous sum of $12,400 through the Farm Bureau Cares - Community Food Donation Matching Program. This initiative is geared towards bolstering food assistance programs that serve vulnerable communities throughout Oklahoma.

Since its inception in 2021, the program has been a pivotal force in encouraging county Farm Bureaus to contribute towards the fight against food scarcity. By matching donations made by county bureaus, OKFB ensures that their impact is magnified, providing greater support to organizations dedicated to feeding the hungry.

This year’s fundraising saw participation from more than 30 county Farm Bureaus and Women’s Leadership Committees. The contributions were directed to a variety of food-related charities, including local food banks and meal programs organized by churches and groups supporting victims of domestic violence.

The collective effort by Farm Bureau members across Oklahoma underscores their recognition of the importance of community support and food security. Through the Farm Bureau Cares program, they extend the fruits of their agricultural labor to nourish the market and the less fortunate members of their community.

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