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Farm Leaders Unite for National Agriculture Policy

By Jean-Paul McDonald

This week marks a pivotal gathering for Canadian agriculture as farm leaders from every corner of the nation meet in Ottawa for the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA)'s annual general meeting, says the OFA.  

Representing a diverse range of farming interests, from Western cattle and crop production to Eastern dairy and horticulture, these leaders are uniting to voice their concerns and forge policies for the sector's future. 

The agenda is packed with debates on resolutions critical for national advocacy, making this an ideal platform for engaging with federal decision-makers. 

Ottawa's strategic location offers a unique opportunity to directly interact with MPs, Senators, and political figures, including the federal minister of agriculture and agri-food, Lawrence MacAulay. This interaction is crucial for raising awareness about farming's role in Canadian society and the economy. 

The conference isn't just about today's challenges; it's forward-looking, welcoming young farmers to participate and understand the industry's issues and advocacy efforts. Topics like interest rates, inflation, trade agreements, and environmental concerns highlight the meeting's agenda, emphasizing the need for comprehensive federal support for agriculture. 

Agriculture holds potential solutions to societal challenges such as climate change and food security, making it imperative for the farming voice to be heard and considered in national policy discussions.  

This annual meeting is a step towards ensuring a united and impactful presence at the tables where decisions are made, shaping the future of Canadian agriculture for generations to come. 

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