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Farmer Challenges Survey

What is the biggest challenge

By Diego Flammini,

“If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.”

It’s a simple saying, but rings very true – especially when it comes to farming.

Farmers put their livelihoods on the line every time they fire up a tractor and use it to plant, spray, or harvest the crops that eventually, everyone will benefit from.

Farmers can’t control the weather, the pricing of fuel or the commodity markets. All they can do is adapt and continue farming while in many cases, not being able to voice their opinions and concerns.

Stressed farmer

Until now. is giving farmers a chance to have their say about the kinds of challenges they face and how some of them can be dealt with by completing the Farmer Challenges Survey.

The five-question survey asks farmers to rank the top three challenges farmers face, advice for young and upcoming farmers, and where, if anywhere, farmers can cut costs while still being profitable.

All farmers are encouraged to complete the survey to give a better landscape of the pressing challenges they face on a daily basis.

Farmers who successfully complete the entire survey will have their names entered into a draw for the chance to win a $50 TSC Gift Card. (Please note, only farmers with an active farm will be eligible to win.)

The survey will be open from Tuesday, June 9 to Friday, July 10. Once the results are collected, will report on the findings.

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