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Farmer well-being spotlighted at Farm Machinery Expo


The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) is setting a new standard at this year's National Farm Machinery Show by focusing on the physical and mental health of farmers.  Held from February 14-17 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, the event is renowned for showcasing the latest in agricultural products and technology.

This year, alongside the innovative farming equipment, KDA introduces a suite of health services aimed at ensuring the well-being of the agricultural community.

Commissioner of Agriculture Jonathan Shell emphasizes the importance of a healthy farming community, highlighting the initiative to offer health screenings, immunizations, and safety demonstrations during the show.  Recognizing the inherent risks of farming, these efforts aim to promote a culture of safety and wellness within the sector.

The expanded safety demonstrations cover crucial practices around farm machinery, underscoring the KDA's commitment to preventing accidents and injuries. Health screenings available to attendees include checks for glucose levels, blood pressure, and more, aiming to address common health concerns among farmers.

Immunizations against flu, Hepatitis A, tetanus, and COVID-19 will be accessible, reflecting a comprehensive approach to farmer health. The initiative sees collaboration with several educational institutions and health departments, showcasing a united front in supporting Kentucky's farmers.

Raising Hope, a campaign underpinning these efforts, illustrates the concerted effort to elevate the physical and mental health of the farming community.

By integrating health services into the National Farm Machinery Show, KDA and its partners offer a valuable resource to attendees, promoting a holistic approach to farm life that balances productivity with well-being.

As the show enters its 58th year, it continues to serve as an essential platform for agricultural professionals worldwide, now with an added focus on the health and safety of those at the heart of the industry.

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