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Farming with a Physical Disability. It Can Be Done

Oprah Show Shares an Inspiring Story about a Farmer Named Chris

By Amanda Brodhagen,

It is a fact that farming requires hard physical labour. Accordingly, when you think of a farmer, one could easily assume that in order to farm you can’t have any physical limitations. But one farmer’s story proves that stigma couldn’t be further from the truth.

Recently on Oprah Winfrey’s show, Steep Your Soul, aired a story about a man who was born without arms and legs who farms in California. The segment shares the story of Chris, where he talks about his journey of perseverance from a young age. Chris attributes much of his success to his family, particularly his grandmother and father, who taught him independence and the value of hard work.

The network follows Chris while he does his regular farm chores - forking hay, feeding the livestock and even driving a tractor. His story will make you think twice about what it takes to be a farmer. Chris’ passion for farming has no boundaries. His zest for life will inspire you.

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