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FCC Report: Canadian Farmland Values Average Increased 8.6 Percent

Farm Credit Canada Releases Fall 2012 Farmland Values Report

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 One of Canada’s leading agriculture lenders – Farm Credit Canada (FCC) has released their semi-annual fall 2012 farmland values report. The report provides a breakdown by each province and FCC measures the provincial land value trends on the percentage change in value compared to the average price per acre. The report depicts an 8.6% national increase in the first half of 2012.

Ontario shows the biggest average increase with 16.3% followed by two western provinces – Manitoba 10.3% and Saskatchewan at 9.1%. The only province to experience a decrease was British Columbia at 0.3%. The two provinces that remained the same were New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador. The following is a chart displaying the percent change on farmland values by province:

The report attributes Ontario’s high increase to supply and demand factors, noting that the market has been extremely competitive which has created a sellers’ market. The demand has been especially high in southwestern, central and eastern Ontario with demand being high for dairy producers. The full report can be found on FCC’s website.


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