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Governor Cuomo looking to implement new farming regulations

A task force has been formed to help with the process

By Diego Flammini,

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced new initiatives are being taken to help streamline some of the regulatory challenges farmers in New York are currently facing.

The Strategic Interagency Task Force on Lessening Obstacles to Agriculture discovered new opportunities that allow for the improvement of pesticide regulation and certifications while keeping environmental protection in mind.

The group is made up of agricultural business owners, farmers and multiple state agencies.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

"This administration remains committed to supporting farmers and cutting red tape to make it easier for agricultural businesses to grow and thrive in New York," Governor Cuomo said. "Through this task force, we are implementing common sense solutions that will improve business for our farmers and maintain this state's strong commitment to protecting the environment."

The pesticide-related solutions developed by the Task Force include:

Easier Pesticide Registration Process
After farmers chimed in, the Department of Environmental Conservation made improvements to the registration process by scheduling pre-application meetings. Those meetings also improved the notifications of new pesticide registrations.

Faster Recertification Process for Pesticide Applicators
Applicator certification status is now compiled in a database that better tracks when a farmer needs to have their recertification done. Work is being done so farmers can view and update their information online before the five-year recertification deadlines.

Simplify Categories for Pesticide Applicators
Currently there are seven private pesticide certifications in New York. Farmers can now request to switch their application category to better diversify they grow and in the future, could consolidate the categories for even easier certification requirements.

State Secretary of Agriculture Richard Ball is pleased with Governor Cuomo’s efforts.

“Easing the regulatory burden helps open new opportunities for expansion within our agricultural economy,” he said.

Tell us your thoughts on the new pesticide initiatives being put forward by Governor Cuomo and the task force in New York. How will this help you going forward?

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