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Grain company looking for camelina growers

Grain company looking for camelina growers

Smart Earth Camelina is contracting for 10,000 acres

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A Saskatchewan grain company is looking for Prairie producers to add another crop to their rotation.

Smart Earth Camelina is contracting for 10,000 acres this growing season.

For context, data from Stats Canada shows Canada grew camelina on 2,703 acres in 2016. Saskatchewan accounted for 2,211 of those acres.

Farmers who choose to do business with Smart Earth Camelina would have their investments protected, said Jack Gruschcow, president of Smart Earth Camelina.

“It’s closed-loop IP production with a full Act of God (clause),” he told “So, we buy their production regardless of what happens. If a farmer is interested in working with us this year and looking for an oilseed alternative, they’ll have to plant this crop within the next six weeks.”

The crop, which is part of the mustard family, is used in the equine, and canine pet sectors. Camelina meal is used to help layers produce high-omega eggs and the oil helps improve the Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio in farmed fish.

Any growers interested in seeding camelina would have to purchase the seed from Smart Earth.

The company’s main variety, Cypress, has seeds 40 per cent larger than other camelina varieties, along with other agronomic advantages, said Carlene Sarvas, a crop specialist with Smart Earth.

“Typical camelina has a thousand-kernel weight of about 1.2 grams where this variety is at 1.6 grams,” she told “The seedlings have really good frost tolerance and can handle anywhere from -5 to -8 C. And the established plants have really good drought tolerance. That’s why it can perform well on medium-textured soils.”

Because the seeds are smaller than other crops, Sarvas recommends a half-inch seeding depth.

“All seeding applications work but we’ve seen really good success when the seeds are broadcast and farmers heavy harrow them in,” she said.

Growers wanting more information about camelina can send an email or call 306-931-3382.

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