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Harvest King adds farm tire offerings

Harvest King adds farm tire offerings

Producers can purchase the AR series R-1W tractor tire

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Farmers in Canada and the U.S. have another tractor tire option thanks to Harvest King’s recent addition to its tire line.

TBC Brands, a tire distributor and marketer, has unveiled the Harvest King Field Pro AR series R-1W rear radial tractor tires.

Designed with multi-angle lugs to help self-clean in heavy, wet soils, the tire also features a shallow shoulder angle for improved traction, said Bill Dashiell, senior vice-president of the commercial tire division for TBC Brands.

“When you’ve got clumps of mud in the tire, it makes things worse on the road,” he told “But the tire is designed to reduce slippage in the field so you’re getting the power from the tractor to the ground. The reduced slippage also helps with fuel efficiency.”

The tires in the line are standard radial designs and not IF or VF, Dashiell said.

“The design was for the footprint and to minimize the damage on the outside shoulders of row crops,” he said.

The tire is currently available in nine sizes:

  • 380/85R24
  • 380/85R28
  • 420/85R28
  • 380/85R30
  • 420/85R30
  • 460/85R38
  • 480/80R42
  • 480/80R46
  • 380/90R46

Three more sizes – 380/85R34, 520/85R38 and 520/85R42 – will be available in June.

And additional sizes, including 480/80R50, could be added down the road, Dashiell said.

“We’re looking at expanding the line from the current size to other key (sizes) for the Canadian and U.S. markets,” he said.


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